The Conversation Hour: with Jon Faine

creativity speaking Jun 13, 2018

Melis was a recent guest of Jon Faine on his weekly ABC Radio segment The Conversation Hour, joining Sarah Moran, co-founder and the CEO of Girl Geek Academy, and Juliet Kinchin, Curator of Modern Design in the Department of Architecture and Design at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York).

Listen to the full episode here to join in the conversation.

Melis and Sarah are taking part in Creativity in a Post-Truth World: Creative State Summit at Melbourne Museum on 14th & 15th June 2018.

This year’s summit theme will provoke delegates to think about the role creative practitioners, organisations and institutions can play in influencing, reflecting and interpreting our times.

Speakers will examine bold new ideas and case studies, emerging trends and technology, and invite delegates to consider how they can build their skills, transform their practice, organisation or sector, and create new connections.

Watch live online:

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