Humans as belief collectors

creativity Jul 22, 2015

Beliefs are like a pair of sunglasses. Like polarisation, they filter out certain realities and let others in, shaping our thoughts and creating our realities. The filtering happens automatically, at the subconscious level and so beliefs can be tricky to shift. Though, knowing where they originated, can help know how to shift them, and whether we need to.


 Beliefs are like a pair of sunglasses.
They filter out certain realities and let others in.


Generally speaking we get our beliefs from two sources:

Source 1 = Beliefs from the outside and
Source 2 = Beliefs from the inside.

 Beliefs from the outside usually come from people and places meaningful to us. Our family, friends, teachers, mentors, religion, advertising, corporate culture, sports teams, in fact any type of doctrine instills in us beliefs that in turn affect our behaviour.

 Beliefs from the inside are self-created and usually stronger, though not necessarily better. These are beliefs we create about our selves due to experiences we have, either positive or negative.

 The biggest challenge with beliefs is they are self reinforcing. Because your brain is a pattern matching device, it finds patterns that match your belief and so it is reinforced. For example, if you believe your organisation will never change, you will continue to see reinforcing evidence.

 As humans, we go through life collecting beliefs. And often, we don’t stop to consider whether the collection of these beliefs is allowing us to reach our potential as people. As beliefs affect our thoughts, and our thoughts create our reality, we must have a practice of assessing whether our belief system is aligned with our current intention and life direction.

 Knowing beliefs are truths we’ve created about ourselves and the world we perceive is liberating. You created the set you have, so why not create a new set?


Changing our beliefs alters what we see, generates different thoughts, resulting in different acts, creating alternate realities.



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